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    Today was the MUCH-awaited Orientation for Newhouse! I got my ID card (thoughts? I think my head looks gigantic) and they gave out presents: engraved 8GB iPod Touches (!) and Newhouse water bottles.  We also had the convocation and a trivia contest where I won a t-shirt because they asked which newspaper Robin Toner wrote for! [The New York Times, o’course, killer political correspondent and Newhouse alum!]  Then, a lovely lunch where I met some chummy MNO (magazine/newspaper/online journo) kids.  We’re the biggest of the Newhouse departments this year, breaking the long-standing record of the Broadcast/Digital or TV/Radio/Film kids, can’t remember which…  I sense a resurgence in print journalistic optimism!  #gloat  I feel utterly spoiled and can’t WAIT for classes to start tomorrow.  This will be a seriously ridiculous year and I’m sooo happy to be here!

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