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i am overly concerned with words and pictures.

    Today we got assigned to #redesign the @twentywhat logo and nameplate! Here are some ideas I contributed. We’ll vote on the official one tomorrow. Do any stand out to you? I tend to prefer bold typefaces, industrial lines and splashes of color. One of my classmates told me my work looked modern and edgy. I really liked to hear that but it’s tricky because @twentywhat is a professional women’s magazine, and an “edgy look” doesn’t fly for the target audience. Still, I’m really happy to play with type, color & graphics again. It’s like being back in Boot Camp. :)

    [I admit— I snatched that fashion photo from the Web! I don’t know the photographer and am sorry not to give credit. In my defense, this is purely for my education in design. Zero commercial gain.]

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