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    On Getting Denied by Aziz Ansari

    Here’s a little post I penned at 2 a.m. after spooning the last dregs of chocolate chip cookie dough in our freezer. Aziz Aziz Aziz why you gotta be so cold, man?


    A PRESS PASS is a golden ticket for journalists, photographers, filmmakers and any storyteller wanting to tell a proper story. A denied press pass can feel like anything from a minor snub to a slap in the face. Last Friday, it was a slap in the face. Like many other campus media, we had a reporter/photographer team ready and rearing to cover comedian Aziz Ansari last week, but Aziz Ansari, well, he just wasn’t ready and rearing for us.

    Just one day before Ansari was scheduled to perform at the Oncenter War Memorial on April 13, University Union sent an urgent and apologetic email. After being completely unresponsive for several weeks, Ansari dropped the ball.

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    The journalistic jackpot

    Had one of those rare moments when the “bureaucrat” I was interviewing handed over a 60-page document explaining exactly why the city school district was doing an abysmal job educating disabled students.

    Me: (incredulous & high-pitched) Could I make a copy of this?

    Lady: Oh, no, keep it. Also, here’s a seven-page summary. 

    Me: WHAT?

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    "We don’t have any Cronkites anymore, I’m afraid."
    Professor Terry Anderson, in International Reporting class
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